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sound and visual artist

Emilie Škrijelj explores the accordion in its smallest folds and uses it both as a percussion instrument and a generator of electroacoustic materials. Inspired by her research around the turntable, modular synths and field recording, she brings the accordion to the abstract territory of electronics by manipulating the bellows, rubbing its contours and exploring its extremities.


- SOLO Glitch, solo surrounded accordion​

- Krči with Loris Binot + Lê Quan Ninh​

- Les Marquises with Tom Malmendier / Ft. Mike Ladd​

- YOUBITCOLD with Elio Amberg and Tom Malmendier​

- Nuits with Stéphane Clor, Armand Lesecq, Tom Malmendier​

- Presque île with Tom Malmendier​

- BRUINE with Michael Thieke & Tom Malmendier​


- DJ set contemporain with Lê Quan Ninh​


-2021 Schlagzeug #2 with Tom Malmendier,  Factorine, Nancy​

-2020 "If I had the words to tell you...", with Victoira Sin, FRAC Lorraine, Metz​

-2019 Schlagzeug #1 with Tom Malmendier, L'an Vert, Liège​

- 2019 Looping #2 withIsabelle Duthoit, Jean-Léon Pallandre, Marc Pichelin, Joël Thépault​

- 2019 "Le ciel a changé" with Véronique Albert, Toni Di Napoli and Sébastien Lespinasse​


sound and visual artist

Mostly self taught, he is from the very beginning interested in the sound, more than in the pure technique of the instrument, or the goal of "being a drummer". Improvisation became a great part of his playing. He made workshops with Chris Corsano, Sophie Agnel, Mats Gustaffson, Okkyung Lee and Edward Perraud. He works on transdisciplinary projects and meets actors, dancers, visual artists, poets, jugglers. Actively performs on stages in Europe, has participated in internationally renowned festivals such as Festival Météo (Mulhouse), Suoni Per il Popolo (Montreal), Jazz à Liège (Liège), Summer Bummer (Antwerp), Creative Fest ( Lisbon), Dunk! Festival (Aalst).




-Les Marquises (w/ Emilie Škrijelj)

-nuits (w/ Stéphane Clor, Emilie Škrijelj & Armand Lesecq)

-Escargot (w/ Camille Emaille, Louis Frères & Xavière Fertin)

-Quartet w/ Anil Eraslan, Fred Frith & Clara Weil

-Trio Mike Ladd / Tom Malmendier / Emilie Škrijelj 

-Presque île (w/ Emilie Škrijelj)

-BRUINE (w/ Michael Thieke & Emilie Škrijelj)

-YouBitCold (w/ Elio Amberg &Emilie Škrijelj)





- 2021  “Collapse” Compagnie Abis/Julien Carlier (contemporary dance)

- 2018-2021 “10:10" , Nyash Cie ( contemporary dance) 

- 2020 "Golem" Compagnie Abis/Julien Carlier ( contemporary dance) 

- 2012 "Steak", Jack London, with the actor François de St-Georges (theater)





- 2021 Schlag|Zeug, La Factorine, vitrine artistique, Nancy

- 2020 : performance “presque île” à Mulhouse

- 2019 solo performance, SMAK, Gand 

- 2019 "nékid #2" performance drum/ painting with Sab Nicole, Festival PIF, Balsamine Theater, Bruxelles 

- 2019  solo performance, Les Brasseurs Gallery of contemporary art, Liège 

- 2018 duo with the french videographer Augustin Gimel, Les Brasseurs, Liège

Ouate is an association created in 2020 in order to develop contemporary projects in music, fine arts and performances.


Member of the association's board: Noémie Bailly, Loris Binot and François Drapier

Adress : 15, rue des Robert 57000 METZ
N° licence : PLATESV-D-2020-006750
N° Siret : 88488236600013
code APE : 90001Z

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