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new project 2023

coproduction : GMEA, Albi / OUATE

Michael Thieke : clarinet, speackers

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, speackers

​Tom Malmendier : percussions, speackers




The subtle mesh of their materials reveals an abstract and minimalist landscape with electroacoustic colors. Accordion, clarinet and percussions mingle together in the same breath. This trio gathers around a common and meticulous approach to sound and timbre.This sound continuum offers a space close to the sound environment, which naturally led us to the idea of extending the experience in the form of a concert/installation,extending the instruments using several loudspeakers of different natures, like the diffusers of the “ondes Martenot”, chosen and manufactured to color, alter and filter the instruments.

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BRUINE église mail.jpeg

© Arnaud Hussenot

bruine install errant sound.jpeg

BRUINE is also available in the form of a sound installation. 

The collected objects are originally used to conduct air and water.

They are often hidden, here they are gathered in pieces, fragments placed on the ground like ready-mades, a sort of sculpture, to conduct an invisible material which is sound.

Through the vibration of the speakers, these objects make the sound event, its vibration, its oscillations, its friction visible.

                        BRUINE, Errant Sound gallery, Berlin, Septembre 2023

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