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Les Marquises

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, turntable, electronics

Tom Malmendier : drums, objects

IMG_20190528_221127 (2) (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Les Marquises is a duo of free improv music created by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier in 2019. They released their first album “Les Marquises” in 2020 on their own label "eux sæm" and the second one in 2021 "Tropism" on the French label "Carton Records".

They went on several European tours in France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Deutschland, Slovakia, Italia, Portugal, Spain.

Two voices breathe together, exchange, scramble and curl up like a twining plant. A dance on the embers, ardent Marquises …

They have organized many tours in Europe and played in many festivals like : Copenhaguen Jazz Festival (DK) / Météo Music Festival (Fr) / Konfrontationen Festival (AT) / Switch Festival (Fr) / MOZG Festival (PL) ...

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