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presque île

{ presque île | temporary autonomous space }


music in situ / in the landscape

Emilie Škrijelj : accordions, harmonica

Tom Malmendier : percussions, videos

« Presque île »*, a series of small sound performances in situ, was created in April 2020, due to the lockdown constraints in France. The impossibility of playing in front of an audience and the limited travel possibilities (in France we were only allowed to go out for one hour per day, and within a radius of one kilometer) motivated the duo formed by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier to invent a free and autonomous way in which they could gather in a backpack their instrumental setup and their sound and video recording tools.

Snare drum, objects, small accordions and mouth organ mingle with a near and far natural soundscape.

« Presque île », small autonomous shape that casts a unique, sensitive and poetic artistic look on a territory. During this period, the musicians are looking for unusual spaces that offer singular soundscapes with which they enter into dialogue.

The space invested is thus reinvented by the sound contribution. The artists re-appropriate different places temporarily, during the time of the action, leaving no traces of their passage, an ecology of the gesture, creating an ephemeral sound archipelago. (soundmap bellow)



Commande du Festival Sons d'hiver  - Décembre 2022 - La Plateforme en ligne

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